Server Status
Login: online
Game: online
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Server ADMIN Skype
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Server Rates
Xp/Sp - 1000x
Aden/Drop - 300x
Rate Party Xp/Sp -1.5x
Retail olympiad game.
Olympiad Starts: 19:00 [+2GMT]
Olympiad Ends: 01:00 [+2GMT]
Hero Changes: Every Friday 14:00 [+2GMT]
Period: 1 week
Simple / Blessed Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +15 | (Jewelery): +15
Crystal Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +20 | (Jewelery): +20
Safe Enchant: +4
Blessed: 100%
Crystal: 80%>+16|70%>+17| 60%>+18|50%>+19|40%>+20

*If crystal fails enchant stays the same!
Mid Skill Chance: 3% | High: 8% | Top: 10%
Max 1 active and 1 passive Augment at a time
Castle siege time
Aden, Rune,  
Giran, Goddard
Additional Information
Main town - Giran Town
Unique monsters.
Unique pvp system.
Unique aden balance.
Unique farming areas.
Unique L2Flector tattoos.
Wedding system.
Npc skill enchanter.
Auto learn skills
S grade items - free.
Shops till top S grade.
Full npc buffer with auto buff and scheme.
64 Buff Slots.
Buff Time 3 hours.
Max subclasses - 6.
Free class change.
Free sub class.
Nobless status[Uruka Boss]
Stackable scrolls/ls/bog.
No weight limit.
No grade limit.
Pvp/pk show on title.
Top 20 pvp/pk in game.
Offline trade system.
Interlude retail skills.
Perfect class balance.
More then 10 active raid bosses.
Without custom items.
Server is secured with Sguard.
Server Commands
.menu - Personal config.
.siege - Sieges Info.
.online - How many players online.
.dressme - Skins allowed to wear
.repair - Repair your char if you been stucked